Saturday 6 November 2010

On The Workbench

Looking to get back into the swing of modelling and painting after Games Day and then a 2 week holiday to Singapore, I've been making a few hobby related purchases.

Dark Eldar

The new Dark Eldar from Games Workshop hit stores today and the postman delivered my pre-order today - Lelith Hesperax and a box of Wyches.

First up from the new arrivals, Lelith. A stunning figure and the best female GW have produced yet. A couple of annoying mould lines running through the hair make clean up a little bit of a chore but otherwise the components go together snuggly enough.

Little Princess - Runic Miniatures

I also recently received a stunning little sculpt by Jakob Rune Nielsen entitled "Little Princess" (middle of the pic). Would definitely recommend picking one up while you can, the smooth surfaces and lack of clutter make it a real painters joy and I'm looking forward to slinging some paint on it soon!

Captain Korvydae - Forgeworld

Finally, far left is the new Raven Guard character Captain Korvydae from Forgeworld which I picked up at Games Day UK. Again, a great figure with lots of movement and aggression in the pose and face.

I did think about converting him into a Blood Ravens character after playing Dawn of War 2 recently, that was however until I realised just how different the Blood Ravens chapter badge is from the Raven Guard which would have meant a lot more sculpting work than I had intended for this piece. Therefore, it looks like he will be staying a Raven Guard afterall.

Also, if anyone has a spare Forgeworld jump pack "vent pipe thing" going that they wouldn't mind parting with, let me know! Dropped mine and it snapped in a hard to pin or glue point...

Hopefully some new painting progress soon now that these projects are all reaching the painting stage!