Friday 3 April 2015

Warriors of Chaos Khorne Lord - End Times (Part 4)

Warhammer - The End Times Khorne Banner

A short post this one. Really just to prove that I have been continuing to work on this project and even (shock of all shockers!) applied some paint!

Warhammer Chaos Khorne Lord WIP - by CMDante

So far I've been focusing on 3 main sub-assemblies; the body, head and axe arm (not pictured). I've mainly been working on the red (using my Scale75 paints again), mostly shading and some early stage highlights at the moment. Airbrushing on the base colour has sped this stage of the process up significantly, though a lot of time has been spent shading the base back down with brush work (go figure!). I'm still very much a noob with an airbrush so not bothering to attempt any pre-shading work etc at this stage.

The face is about half done at this point. I'm holding off doing much more on it until I have finished up more of the rest of the miniature as I will no doubt go back in and refine the lighting direction and add some more tones.

Pleased with the progress so far though. Apologies about the pics - they were taken with my iPhone 6 just under my desk lamp, so no proper lighting and all that. Though to be fair, the colours have come out pretty true and the picture is quite sharp and carries the detail. I think I'll start taking more WIP pics on my phone.

As always, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments!