Sunday 6 February 2011

Captain Korvydae Finished

Finally got around to finishing this figure - first of the year! A nice sculpt but with a few headaches due to typical Forgeworld cast issues (though much improved over the quality from about 3 yeard ago!). The jump pack in particular had a few ugly areas.

The other area I always find a little frustrating is the round metal dimples on the jump pack - painting metal over white is always an issue!

The paintjob is a bit predictable being fairly similar to the one on the Forgeworld site with the exception of the fully gold hammer and the gold raven on the jump pack top. I felt that it was important to emphasise his captain status with plenty of bling.

The base was a bit of an after-thought on this figure as I really just wanted to get him finish. It turned out ok, but there are areas I think could be improved. Still, I think the sand/dirt colour contrasts the armour quite nicely.

I spent the afternoon doing some early work on the first test model for the upcoming Tanith project too. I've settled on putting together (at least some) of the Gereon mission team.

More on this soon...


  1. Solid work Dante, what would you say you enjoyed most about painting on him. Also are the tubes on the jump back brass rods or is that the FW ones that came with the model? I am just suprised if they are the resin that they didn't break with no support is all.

    As per the Gereon Mission that is my second favorite from the series so I am rather intrigued to see how you do brostin:) as he was a lot of fun with the chaos flamer he had. Will you be sculpting and Ana Curth by chance?

  2. looks awsome, I realy like the face and gold tones.


  3. Thanks guys.

    Alex - I guess the most fun part was, as always, probably the face. The tubes on the pack are home-made ones done with wire and putty and a little plastic tubing. As I mentioned before, I broke one of the reason ones early on by accident but it was probably a blessing as they both had ugly mould lines that would be a pain to remove. These as you say are probably a stronger fit too.

    I actually managed to track down the info I needed on the Gereon team thanks to Pesmerga before I saw your last message but thanks for the offer. I've no plans for Curth yet as, if I manage all 12 she will probably be kept until last anyway. Brostin should come earlier though!

    Griffit - cheers mate, the gold was actually quite frustrating to do but I have a plan to change how I do gold for the better now!

  4. Did you find it frustrating that all the fine blending and highlighting you do on his legs is somewhat lost when you go to add the weathering powders (and such) to him to make him look like he's got dust and dirt on him?

    Ron, From the Warp

  5. Yeah I guess it is a little frustrating, but without it he wasn't really tied to the base so it is worth it in the end.

    Also, the pics don't look quite the same as he does IRL as the light has still kind of burnt out the whites, hiding all the blending and shading there.


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