Sunday 27 March 2011

First and Only (Part III)

It's been a little quiet on the blog front over the last 3 weeks or so but I have found snatches of time here and there to progress this project. I'm finally at the end of the sculpting and converting stage (excluding a little bit of gluing) so painting and work on the base is up next.

The arm holding the weapon and the cape were probably two of the things I was kind of dreading having to do, but in the end they were actually a lot of fun to do and turned out quite well.

All in all I am very pleased with how he has turned out and I'm looking forward to slapping some paint on him. I've learned a lot during the converting and sculpting process on this figure, including finding a putty mix that I am really enjoying working with - hopefully this will carry over onto future figures too.

Feel free to let me know what you think, or any questions in the comments below.


  1. Really amazing work, Dante.

  2. Looking very nice mate! Can't wait to see paint on it : )

  3. Very stunning looking pose, I can see it in color in my head. Well done.

  4. Solid work Dante. I may have missed the preamble, but is he to be edging up along a wall or sneaking around column structured scenery on the battle field?

    - T

  5. Thanks guys!

    @Tael - Yep, got it in one! He's going to have his back to a wall, sliding along towards a battered door.

  6. A brilliant conversion again, Dante! But if he's going to have his back against a wall, shouldn't his cloak and especially the hood be pressed flat? Could you maybe post a pic of him leaning against some kind of wall, so we can get an idea of the exact positioning?
    Anyways, your work, as always, is a great inspiration! I'm looking forward to more...


  7. That is without a doubt the best Tanith I have ever seen. Actually the best guardsman I have ever seen. He has so much expression and conveys so much motion. He captures what makes Abnett's book so great, a personal, human element. I can't wait to see more!

  8. I still live in hope that this will one day be updated....


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