Thursday 28 April 2011

My Hobby Room

A bit of something different for this blog post.

A common topic on many hobby forums and something I always find pretty interesting is that of hobby spaces and hobby rooms. The little (or sometimes large!) sanctuaries we all have where we work away at what we love.

When I lived with my parents and family I never had a permanent hobby space that I could set up and leave projects for "hobby fermentation" (the creative kind, not the smelly, foosty kind!). I always looked on at threads where forumers posted their glorious hobby spaces with envy, aspiring to one day have my own full time space for modelling and painting.

Now that I'm older and have my own place with my long-suffering girlfriend, for the last 2 years I finally have a hobby place to call my own and here's some pics to prove it! (and because I don't think I've shared "my setup" before here):

My desk, complete with paint ranks (could use a couple more to be fair!), hobby mat, spray booth, manequins, lamps (with day light bulbs), a pretty view along the river and plenty of drawers and storage for bits and pieces!

A rather empty miniatures cabinet - because everyone needs somewhere to keep their work and still be able to see it for inspiration and to measure progress agaisnt.

The drawers beneath my desk, full of all manner of hobby tools and materials, along with the numerous boxes of models and parts that have started to accumulate here.

Finally, the model cupboard (well, one side of!), each white drawer is full of boxes or sprues of miniatures (because you can never have too many...!).

Thanks to the Royal Wedding tomorrow, I'll have a rare opportunity to spend some extra time in here working on some of the recent projects I've shared so hopefully I'll have something to show from these over the weekend.


  1. First, I envy you the view. Second, my workshop looks as nice and as orderly as yours only when I actually make an effort to tidy it up. Third, looks like we do have something in common - it seems Ikea is ubiquitous as far as supplying furniture for modelers is concerned.

  2. It's just sooo tidy! nothing like my hobby cupboard with small kit box avalance by the side lol.

  3. @ Marcin - Ha, yes, it's only so clean as I had just given it a tidy for the first time in a month or so!

    Can't go wrong with Ikea for decent value hobby room furniture!

    @ Blitzspear - Mine used to be a bit like that before I bought more storage drawers etc.

    Having everything fairly tidy makes it much easier to find what you need when the inspiration comes though!

  4. Impressive set-up, I wish mine was as organised and tidy.

    Also, just to let you know I've nominated you for a "Stylish Blogger Award"!

    More details at:


  5. "Long-suffering girlfriend" here, I would like to add to Andrew's comment @Blitzspear - we bough more storage because I had never seen so many models when we moved. Honestly we could start our own GW store from the flat and he honestly had no clue that he had some of the models he actually has!

    Also, that paint rack is the best investment ever, looks really nice (little faffy to put together but worth it) and it means everything gets kept orderly.

    The "Workshop aka second bedroom" was the first thing planned when we moved in and my long term goal is to get an attic with skylights to put Andrew in and he can have all the space he wants. We're needing a new book cabinet just to store all his GW mags and books! Honestly, never ending but worth the trouble when you see his creations! (sorry for the cheese!)


  6. Hello CMDante,
    I have no email address from you, so here we go:
    I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award :)

  7. Haha.. we share the same Ikea glass cabinet. Seems to be the standard item for all painters. That and the desk facing onto a window, love natural light. Currently inbetween homes (apartment living) and missing a dedicated hobby space!

    Have to post up my old space on Eastern-Empire to make you chuckle at the similarities!

    - Tael.


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