Sunday, 7 August 2011

Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought (Forgeworld)

Just ordered one of the new Contemptor Patter Dreadnoughts from Forgeworld and I have to say, it looks like one awesome kit.

I haven't really been excited by Space Marines of late. The only SM kit in the last 4-5 years that I've purchased and put together being the FW Raven Guard Captain Korvydae that I bought at Games Day UK last year and finished back in February.

However, this kit I most definitely am excited about. I think it's in part because it looks like a really big marine, part because it looks like a really big robot (I love Transformers btw) and part because it looks like a very flexible, pose-able kit with a great silhouette.

At the moment the weapon options are limited to power fists (which look very nice) and a twin linked lascannon (cool, but I'm less sure about how it fits with the kit as a whole). I've opted for the dual power fists.

Fortunately the weapon options won't be limited to just those mentioned above. Recent pictures from Games Day Chicago show some very nice looking additional weapons, including twin assault cannons, conversion beamer and cyclone missile launcher, and a slight variation on the body.

In general, the quality of releases from Forgeworld lately have been excellent and I'm definitely looking forward to a lot of the upcoming releases. In the meantime, it's back to the work desk for me to get cracking on some Golden Demon entries!


Foot_of_Adhesive_Tape said...

Awesome, looking forward to see what you come up with!
I have just started on one myself,very nice kit and very poseable. Pitty they didn't have more weapon options right from the start though.


Pfreck said...

Excellent! I just came back from Games Day Germany today and picked up the Contemptor Dreadnought as well. They already sold the Assault Cannon, Plasma Cannon and Heavy Bolter arms there. There was no sign of the Cyclone Missile Launcher though. I went for the twin Assault Cannons in the end. I kinda wish I went for the Power Fist instead of a second Assault Cannon now, though the dual Assault Cannons look great as well!


CMDante said...

@Foot_of - Just been checking yours out, looks good so far. Are you making it a chaos dread? (looks like a chaos star on the knee)

@Pfreck - How was the event? Have seen some of the winners, the slayer winner looks amazing!

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Contemptor. I am contemplating magnetising the arms and ordering an Assault Cannon or Plasma Cannon when they become available here.

Pfreck said...

I really enjoyed it. Was a bit disappointed by the lack of new miniatures from the GW design studio, though. I guess that is where Games Day UK shines compared to the other Games Days. Overall it was a great day, I usually enjoy looking at Golden Demon entries most of the time; there were some great entries indeed!

Thanks man, I'm planning on using the Contemptor for my Golden Demon entry for next year. I'm still brainstorming and doing research as for what Legion/Chapter it's going to be. My eye is currently on pre-heresy Death Guard; I always had a thing for them! I'll probably enter it for Games Day UK next year instead of Germany. Haven't been on a UK Games Day since 2008 so I'd love to go there again!



Foot_of_Adhesive_Tape said...

Ta. Indeed i am making it chaos. Going for a more subtle approach, never been the biggest fan of spikes-all-over-the-place chaos.


Unknown said...

Cool stuff, always been a fan of the design of these dreads, (IMO si much better than the regular version). Can't wait to see what you will make of it ;)

cheers mate

Sebastian said...

Certainly rocking the old school bad ass in the bottom photo. Nothing like low angle hero shots.

Look forward to your treatment on this piece Dante, following on from GsPirate's thoughts.

- Tael.

CMDante said...

Cheers guys - working away on it at the moment but painting and hobby progress in general has been a little slow and bumpy of late.

Rest assured I'll share some pics when there is more to show!

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