Wednesday 18 November 2009

Modern Warfare....

Ok, I managed to tear myself away from MW2 for long enough after recovering from illness to do some more on this chap.

I've pretty much finished the body now and have built and started painting the base. At the moment the base isn't even a third of the way done so try to imagine it with some foliage and snow!

Next up - the arms and finishing the base and weathering on the legs!




  1. Brilliant stuff Dante, I think the face really grips the model in place, i can see seen this soldier standing over the field of battle with his smug grin. Glad to know your well again hope see more from you soon!

  2. Yes, lets hope he does get back to some sculpting and painting so that I can watch some tv rather than people killing each other on MW2.... all girlfriends will understand!

    I'd also like to see this little dude finished to fill the cabinet up a little more.



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