Saturday 15 January 2011

Captain Korvydae WIP

I posted a WIP pic of Korvydae a couple of weeks ago, however I've been working on him a bit more here and there since then so figured I'd post a couple of updated WIP pics here.

I got a new camera (Canon Powershot G11) from my family for my Christmas, but due to customs and postage issues, it only arrived this week. Therefore, I'm still experimenting with my setup for pictures - these ones are a vast improvement on the last set, though I messed up the lighting so they're a little burnt out on the highlights. Particularly on the face.

Anyway, here they are, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments:

Finally a close up of the face - bear in mind this is about 400%+ zoom!

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  1. Looking great mate! I particularly like your treatment of the purity seals and the raven skulls.


  2. great looking, the face looks a bit too with but is good, however the holster is what draw my attention, one of the many details done right.

    excellent paint job

  3. Thanks guys.

    Yeah, I got the lighting wrong in my photo setup and the highlights (whites and pale skin tones mainly) have become really burnt out.

    For example, the white shoulder pad has a subtle gradient from white at the top to a blue-grey towards the bottom but you can't tell from the pics.

    Similarly, the face isn't quite as desaturated. However, as he is Raven Guard, the skin tone is definitely lighter than I usually go as it is part of the fluff.

  4. Love the black highlighting. Nice work.

    Ron, From the Warp

  5. Thanks Ron.

    I tried to do something a little different from the norm so have used only dark greys, lightened in zenithal fashion towards the top surfaces. That way I was able to save darker, almost black mixes for the really deep recesses without everything becoming too dark.

    Still needs some tidy up in areas but I'm pleased with how he's coming along.

    As I've noticed in the last few weeks that you've been doing some Raven Guard yourself, any recommendations for 10th company colours that need worked in?

  6. I'll be honest, I don't know the 10th Company markings and I'm still working on my black technique myself. I've got something I think will work, but I'm not sure yet.

    I may try a variation of your highlighting approach here combined with the other elements I like.

    I think you've got the details worked out nicely which really goes a long way towards the look of a black armoured model.


  7. Thanks

    I was a little aprehensive about just how much detail there was on the figure at first, but since the Raven Guard scheme is so monochromatic, the details are actually quite necessary to add some focal points to the mini.

    I think for larger numbers of figures, the black scheme you have used so far works perfectly. The one I have been using can be a little time consuming/boring to do at times if I'm honest!

    Thanks again for the comments!




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