Monday 24 January 2011

Sculpting Charts - Gone

Yesterday I put a sculpting chart up as a resource for folks to use, but after some good points from a friend (cheers Migs!) I've decided to scrap it and start again.

Looking again with fresh eyes, the proportions for the marines and humans don't scale 1:1 at all sizes - some creative modification is required in order to produce sculpts that both look realistic, yet also allow room for detail and characterisation.

Therefore I intend to rework these from scratch for each scale - it'll take a bit longer but hopefully be worth the effort.




  1. Hi Dante

    One comment I was going to make about your scaling was that Jes has always said that Marines are seven feet tall. There is a photo of Jes sitting next to a drawing that has the top of the Marine marked at eight feet, however, that same drawing shows the soles of the Marine's feet at the one foot mark. While the BL authors have, over the years, continued to grow the Marines in size, I think you'd be better served sticking with something closer to what Jes originally intended. Just my two cents though.


  2. Yeah, it was issues like that, that prompted me to pull it.

    The general bulk and mass of marines in armour also didn't translate in the original - something I aim to rectify.

    It'll probably be a little while before I'm finished though and I don't intend to let progress on other projects stall while I work on them.

    I think you'll be interested by the next project I plan actually as it's something you have tackled previously it the reverse of the blood pact as it were!


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