Sunday 5 June 2011

Suffer Not The Heretic (Part II)

Well, I figured it was about time to reveal the figure from the teaser image I had posted previously. I managed to finish the paintjob on this guy last weekend but have only just got round to taking pics - as usual, they are far from perfect!

Regular readers may recognise the base model from an old conversion job of a Rogue Trader. I was looking at the figure a while back and realised that I could do a much better job now - plus, a Rogue Trader would be a perfect addition to the Inquisitor warband I'm building!

Finally, my finecast Dark Eldar Archon has undergone some serious conversion work already, and while far from finished, I figured I'd share a pic of my progress. This conversion work would have been almost impossible to reasonably achieve if the figure was metal since large areas were cut into and carved.

Still lots more work to do, but you can expect to see this guy again soon!


  1. Quite the paint job. The skin tone is lovely and really vivid. Rich tones and smooth transitions. Gets to a point where I'm really running out of adjectives.

    Gorgeous work and if this is anything to go by for your current level of painting, look forward to the Eldar piece. :)

    I've been painting like crazy lately having set up my hobby desk somewhat. It's odd how without doing anything, one's technique can improve. You ever experience that after a long hiatus?

    - Tael.

  2. Cheers mate - I'm looking forward to seeing you get back into the swing of it yourself!

    I think you are right about finding improvements after a long hiatus - I've certainly found it myself. As long as you are still looking at top models online and analysing the work / reading tutorials and tips etc, a lot of it sticks and your "eye" for what works develops.

    The one thing that doesn't improve for me though is brush/paint control. I spent a lot of time on this one just trying to get a feel for thinning paint to the consistency I wanted again.

  3. Ok that is a fantastic conversion,it looks like the death korps commissar and scout sergeant Telion.

    really awesome job mate, well done

  4. The converted deat korps commissar is damn nice. I really like how one can recognize several of the different bitz that went into this mini and that the bitz looks like they were ment to be used that way. Great conversion with a nice paintjob to boot. My facorite of the whole mini is however the face, it is particulary well painted and the ruff and worn (yet tidy) face really suits the mini.


  5. Hi Dante :) I'm new and I was wondering if I could know where you got the skull and hand from? I'd be very grateful

  6. Hi Christian,

    Thanks for commenting. The skull comes from the Vampire Counts skeleton set and the hand and horns were sculpted on using a mix of 50:50 GreenStuff and Milliput.

    Hope that helps.




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