Sunday 23 November 2014

Warriors of Chaos Khorne Lord - Warhammer End Times Project

The recent End Times storyline playing out across the Warhammer universe has coincided with a spark of motivation for a project I have been planning for a few months not - namely, a Khorne lord in a sacked Empire (or Kislev) city. I'm itching to use my new Scale75 paints more and paint some red!

The core of the idea comes from a chap called Andy Wardle - a talented painter who recently took a Golden Demon at Warhammer Fest with his Blood Angel space marines. But I have decided to take my interpretation down the path of the blood god and make him an angry Khorne lord.

Warriors of Chaos Khorne Lord Conversion (WIP) -

As you can see, it's early days right now as I am still tacking things together, finalising the idea and various elements. I still have a fair bit of sculpting to do before he's finished, but I like how he's progressing. The conversion is turning out quite different from what I had originally planned (helmeted head, shield in the left hand etc), but this is always an organic part of the process on any conversion. You don't know what will work best until you try mocking up various bits and poses!

The torso and right forearm come from the Lord on Demonic steed figure, the legs and right hand come from the plastic Chaos Lord, the heads in the (to be sculpted) left hand come from the Skaven Stormvermin set and the chest guard piece is from the Skullcrushers plastic kit. Sculpting has all been done with a mix of Milliput and ProCreate (60:40) - pretty much my usual mix.

I'm thinking of replacing the spearhead with a double bladed axe head from the Chariot Lord kit and adding a cloak (likely sculpted from scratch) along with some more details to round him out. A rough mock up of my plans below (be warned, it's rough!):

The plan is to have him standing atop stairs in a sacked Empire city, reminiscent of various pieces of artwork such as those below:

All very WIP right now though, so expect more soon! As always, would love to know what you think. Let me know your thoughts (or suggestions for improvements) in the comments below.

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  1. He is already looking rather dominating.. This going to be a treat seeing you use those paints for red . His groin area seems a little Spartan atm maybe a skull or loincloth may help with the flow of the axe handle to the severed heads. Can i ask what steps/stairs you are considering using ?


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