Monday 29 December 2014

Warriors of Chaos Khorne Lord - End Times (Part 2)

Merry Christmas folks - hope Santa was good to you all!

The festive period has meant a few days off, which has allowed some extra time for modelling allowing me to continue with my Khorne Lord conversion I started recently. It's taken a bit of time and a number of sessions but I'm about ready to call the conversion work on this one done.

Warriors of Chaos Khorne Lord - Warhammer End Times -

The main changes since the last pics I shared have been the addition of the cloak, sculpting out the left arm and converting the axe - everything else has just been surface preparation and detail work.

I decided to add a small necklace to fill the empty space on the chest and help draw more attention to the area around the face. This was done using a small skull from a purity seal piece and a little putty work.

The cloak turned out to be quite an involved piece of conversion work to get right. I wasn't comfortable enough in my own abilities to sculpt a cloak entirely from scratch so opted to use the cloak that comes with the chaos lord model the legs came from. However, it needed a bit of cutting to narrow down for a proper fit and the look I was after. I ended up removing about a half centimetre from the middle section and then pinning and puttying the two parts together.

I knew I didn't want to attach the cloak prior to painting as it would restrict brush access to the backs of the legs and the cloak, which meant making it removable. To ensure it had a nice fit to the body and wouldn't need too much putty work after the pieces are painted separately, I drilled a small pin into the cloak (aligned with a matching hole I drilled in the models back) and then applied a thin layer of vaseline to the back of the model where I would need to apply the putty to make the top of the plastic cape meet the bottom of the fur on the shoulders. I then glued the cape to the model using super glue on the pin to fix it in place while I sculpted the joining area.

Once the putty had set, I removed the cape again from the back (the vaseline layer ensured the putty hadn't stuck to the model and was easy to remove) and then sanded and adjusted the surfaces to get a smooth, flush finish between the plastic and the putty. It looks like crap in the pics but should look good once it has a coat of paint on top.

All that remains now is to work up the base and a couple of final small details and then I can get started with the painting!

Feel free to let me know what you think and provide any thoughts for the base in the comments below.


  1. That is one fucking awesome good looking conversion!!!!

  2. Ha, cheers mate - much appreciated! Looking forward to more of those Elves btw! :)

  3. Great idea, it looks like something really splendid will come out of this conversion! I´ll be back for more! Cheers!


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