Sunday 15 February 2015

Warriors of Chaos Khorne Lord - End Times (Part 3)

Final WIP on this project before I start on the painting!

After a few weeks of work on and off, I've finally completed a base for the model and finished up some of the final micro details on the model itself.

WIP pic of Warriors of Chaos Khorne Lord - Warhammer: End Times by CMDante

The base is intended to be a staircase in a defeated Empire city. It took a couple of goes to get the stairs right as I originally built them straight onto the plinth - but it lacked a good height.

WIP pic 2 of Warriors of Chaos Khorne Lord - Warhammer: End Times by CMDante

WIP pic 3 of Warriors of Chaos Khorne Lord - Warhammer: End Times by CMDante

WIP pic 4 of Warriors of Chaos Khorne Lord - Warhammer: End Times by CMDante

The half arch was a piece I had lying around from another stalled project and works well to add a bit of height to the base and frame the model. The details on it were added to give a little more visual interest. The bird is from an old Empire shield sprue, while the gargoyle comes from the Mordheim building sprues. I also added a small iron ring to the inside of the half arch made from thin wire, curled and glued together, and some Milliput.

WIP pic of details on Warriors of Chaos Khorne Lord - Warhammer: End Times by CMDante

I'm really pleased with the extra level of detail I've been able to add to the model through micro detailing to make some of the blander surfaces a bit more interesting. In particular, I've added a lot of tiny studs to the armour. I also decided to replace the original sculpted trophy ring on the axes with a scratch built one made, again, from thin copper wire. The original had no depth due to the limits of casting and just looked a little odd. You can see some of these details highlighted in the image above.

Now it's time to get ready to paint (at last!) - really looking forward to continue testing the Scale 75 paints (reviewed here) on this one.

I hear Khorne have quite a big part to play in the final End Times book too, so this couldn't have worked out much better timing wise!

As always, feel free to let me know what you think or ask any questions in the comments below.


  1. Awesome! if Khorne is going to be a huge part of the End times, then this bloke really fits in with the whole destructive and apocalyptic vibe!

    Im loving the detail on the axe and armour too, it really gives off that kinda Lotr feeling to me for some reason, he kinda reminds me of gothmog.

    Have you thought about adding some blood splatters dripping down the wall or floor? i think that would look brilliant.

  2. That base is looking really cool! The only thing I find odd is the positioning of the gargoyle. I imagine the arch used to be whole before the Chaos invaders tore it down. However, in that case the gargoyle is kinda straddling it in a sideways position. I hope I could make myself clear enough, not being a native speaker. Anyways, I'm really looking forward to seeing this painted up to your usual standard (i.e. awesome!).

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

    @InquisitorArchibald - planning some restrained blood spattering, yes. Inevitably some will make it onto the walls! :)

    @Kampfgrot - I was thinking of the arch more as the edge corner of a building, or a decorative arch divider on a staircase. To be honest the whole thing was done more by what looked cool, with the edges of the scene up to the imagination (hence the broken terrain all around the edges) than trying to define the setting too much.



  4. Looks like it will be excellent for a real detailed paint job.

    I like the micro detailing, but I notice that you used "stock" heads held by his hand... why not switch these up a bit?

  5. Thanks Lasgunpacker.

    The "stock" heads I liked. They came on a skaven left hand which has been totally replaced with a custom sculpted right hand and the hair poking out the sides has been redone too. I quite like the expressions and that they are identifiably "GW" and "Warhammer" enough to fit the with the rest of the figure stylistically.

    Hopefully I can sway your opinion of them with the painting :)



  6. wonderful work on the diorama base.. really looking forward to seeing your paintwork on this project.


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