Friday 22 January 2010

For Elysia! - Forgeworld Elysian Tauros Venator

Many of you will probably have already seen the pics of the new Elysian vehicle from Forgeworld (FW), but here it is again incase:

Looks like a great kit, no arguments here!

The one thing I do hope though is that they create a version without the weapon mount. A small recon squad sitting on benches in the back or standing braced on the frame firing as the vehicle speeds along would look really cool!

The only real fault I have with this model is the price. While FW kits are intended to be a higher quality, more detailed product, the models produced are still intended for gamers. However, at £35 a pop for a light vehicle, they aren't exactly cheap for what you get, even as one off pieces.

For the same price you could probably pick up 2 AFV models of a similar style.

At the end of the day though, it does look super cool! I can feel my wallet burning in my pocket already!

What are your own thoughts?

Cool kit or missing the mark? A nice new option or pointless addition to the Elysian range?


  1. For gamers collecting the Elysian range this would be a must buy but your right somthing similer could be kitbashed for a lot less money. I've been thinking of doing just that for my recon force, just looking for the right doner kits. And yes an option to carrie troops in the back would be good to.

  2. I think a good raid through ebay should be able to turn up some useful donor kits, things like the dune buggies that the US army use etc.

    I've always loved the Elysian figs but for some reason don't own any...yet!

    Tempted to pic some up to accompany my Valkyrie once I get it done.

  3. Just ordered mine! I love the model, reminds me of HALO.

  4. I'm planning to get one as a civilian vehicle for my INQ28 setting. I'm going to be assembling it without the weapon mount. It should prove very useful!

  5. Nice one Les, looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    Molotov, it definitely fits the INQ28 theme, it reminds me a lot of the vehicles in the back of the =I= rulebook. I could see it getting a lot of use in your campaign, it is very Abnett in style.

  6. Far too expensive. Might as well build your own version.

  7. True, if you have the skills, why not use them I guess?

    For some though, I can see the convenience of a nicely designed kit outweighing the costs. Especially for those who might not be so confident in their skills and who have the money and inclination to spend.

    That said, I'm looking forward to seeing peoples kit bashed versions!

  8. It's a nice kit, but I've always found FW's stuff prohibitively expensive, and a dune buggy like this has been scratch-built by people for years before this. Commonly, it's the old "landspeeder with bike wheels" that you can make for much, much cheaper...


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