Wednesday 3 February 2010

To Infinity and Beyond! - New Figs Inbound

So with a welcome and healthy pay day last week, I decided to treat myself to a new figure (I know, I have loads of unpainted stuff already but this one will be painted, promise!). The figure in question comes from a range that I had caught glimpses of occasionally but never truly checked out...

Now I won't lie, I'm a bit of a GW loyalist. I've not painted a non-GW miniature in over 10 years, though I have bought some for bits and pieces for conversions (some Victrix Napoleonics). However, this figure was just too good a sculpt to pass up and at a cool £6, I couldn't resist!

So what is the figure? Well it's an Infinity Ariadna Zouave Sapper.

So what swayed me to broaden my figure painting horizons? Well just look at the pose and detail of the sculpt, it's perfect! It's a one figure diorama!

I particularly the base that comes with the figure too. It adds a lot to the narrative as well as creating a better silhouette for the figure.

Anyone have any experience with Infinity figures? Anything to look out for (bad flash, miscast sections, rough surfaces etc)?

Also, you may have noticed a bit of a re-design for the blog, would love to know what you all think. Does it look better and have a better, easier to navigate layout?


  1. Dangit Dante!I'm just starting to work on that figure.

    And as for a review of the figure?

    The sandbags are an entirely separate piece that fits over the base(it's the same base as the Zouaves Sapper-Sniper). The left arm seems to have a little bit of a rough surface on it, but it's all good. And the upper body/lower body have a bit of a gap you'll have to fill in with putty.

    And I dig the new site man. It's pretty nice.

  2. Cool, sounds good!

    No mould lines over details or anything no? I got a nice looking Reaper fig last month but there were mould lines across so much of the detail that much of it ended up filed or sanded off and needing replacing, very frustrating!

  3. There's some mold lines(sometimes even particularly bad ones) on Infinity figures--but like any other company, it varies incredibly widely.
    The Ariadnan are pretty free of them given that they are for all intents and purposes, "single piece" models with very little fiddly bits.

  4. That's a great looking figure, i'd not noticed it on there site but it is a while since i visited last. And i do like the blogs redisign, very cool.

  5. Thanks for the comment mate, glad you like the new design.

    Having looked through their range, there actually appears to be very few Infinity figs I don't like!

    The Ariadna are the coolest though!

  6. If you want a really interesting Ariadnan model to paint--the Veteran Kazak from the starter set and the Loup-Garou are awesome. There's so much character in them which the pictures don't do justice.

    Best example I can give: I didn't realize until assembling him that the gun only fits in one particular way. That way has his left(a noticably larger, mind you) shoulderpad brought up in front of his face and angled so it could deflect/absorb rounds.
    Then you've got the Loup-Garou...
    Once you actually see his face, it all becomes clear that this is a man in an "OH SHI!" situation.


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