Saturday 20 February 2010

Ariadna Zouaves Sapper - WIP Painting

Finally got started on painting this guy this week, with much of the progress coming in a couple of hours today!

The inspiration for the paint scheme comes from Call of Duty - Mordern Warfare 2's Task Force 141 and the gear they wear in the Quarry multiplayer map.

Particularly pleased with how the helmet, goggles and face have come out. The face looked like it was gonna be a pain in the ass due to being hard to get at with the brush, but was pretty easy in the end. The goggles were a bit of a play about that came off nicely and I think they look properly see-through to the helmet, while still reflective.

I'm going to give him a spray with some dullcote through the airbrush before applying the metalics to remove the sheen from some of the washes and glazes.

First time painting in about 2 months so a little rusty again, but it's been good fun.

I also recently found some daylight bulbs that fit in my Ikea painting lamps so these have helped a lot too when it comes to painting. Unfortunately they don't seem to be as helpful at the moment for photo taking! Think I'll need to adjust to them so sorry for the poor pics in the meantime.

Hopefully finish him this evening and can then finish a commission I'm working on and look at starting up these:

Can't wait! :D


  1. Lookin' good Dante.

    Kind of annoyed, the dog stole and ate my HMG and Sniper.

    Stupid dog.

  2. Great work Dante, can't wait to see him finished!

  3. Psst. I forgot to ask:

    What colors did you use for that khaki?

    I can never get mine to turn out anywhere near that well.

  4. Thanks guys!

    I've finished the paintjob on the figure himself now, just the base to do so should have some new pics up soon.

    Nick, the khaki was a bit of trial and error. It was mainly Vallejo pale sand, with a few washes of devlan mud mixed with matt medium, then highlighted with thinned pale sand and then a final thin wash of devlan.

    Hope that helps. I'll try and include a few of the other colour recipies with the final piece post.



  5. Oh man, this gives me more of an excuse to go and use my mixing bottles and surgical gloves!


  6. Hi Dante,

    Nicely a couple of hours!!

    Infinity minis are great sculptures and nice to paint as the have so much detail in small size..the problem is that some times had too much flash and have to be careful when removing it as the have delicate joints, specially at foot/ankle level were the metal is thin and coud brake when try to remove the flash.

    The Anathematic is a beauty to make and paint and hope to see your version soon.

  7. Thanks chaps.

    @ Nick - Sounds like a plan!

    @ Mario - Cheers mate! Yes, while the flash wasn't bad on this one (and doesn't seem too bad from the look I've had at the other two), there were a few small areas (such as the fingers and detail on the gun and boots) that were a bit rough and where the detail had been lost a bit.

    Overall though, for their size and scale, they are great figures and a real joy to paint.

    Amazed at how quickly I've turned this fella out as I normally take forever to do anything as any of my long suffering followers will know!:D

    Next up is the lovely Lt. Kara Black from McVey studios!


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