Monday 22 February 2010

Lt. Kara Black - Kit Review

A nice little present arrived today!

Lt. Kara Black by Studio McVey, a wonderful 35mm figure sculpted by Kev White, with the concept art produced by Sam Wood.

Studio McVey is run by Mike and Ali McVey, husband and wife and two extremely talented painters and modellers. Any long time Games Workshop fans will recognise the name as Mike was the original Eavy Metal team, producing many classic paint jobs, including much of the renowned "red period", along with some classic dioramas such as the Dark Angels chapel, Horus versus the Emperor and the Lizardmen execution pit (all of which can be seen on the Studio McVey website). Mike's work was certainly a great inspiration for me growing up, and both Ali and Mike's recent work continues to inspire, influencing my own ever evolving style.

Bandana On!

The figure itself is cast in a nice grey resin and comes in 6 parts including the base insert, legs, torso, weapon, ammo hopper and ammo feed. The concept of female with giant weapon in hand (oh no he didnt!) reminds me of a large scale figure Mike painted long ago, a Catachan female with heavy bolter, sculpted by one of the Perry brothers (I forget which) to be precise!

What is immediately apparent is the quality of casting, there are very few imperfections, and those that do exist are minor at best. With very few mould lines, the quality of sculpting really shines through, with nice smooth lines - very much a figure painters dream!

But don't take my word for it, check out the incredible job Mike and Ali have produced on their blog!

Limited to 750 casts (each with a numbered certificate), you best get your skates on and head on over to the Studio McVey website to order yours today, before it's to late!

Having looked through the range of figures available, and having seen first hand the quality of sculpts and casts, I certainly plan to pick up some more soon!


  1. I love this model. Not sure I can bring myself to buy something new when I have SOOOO much on my table at the moment though...

    Great review. I love seeing different small companies get recognition for fantastic work.

  2. They are indeed exceptionally nice models. I've been looking at a few of them for a while now with a view towards getting some.

    I'll be interested to see how you tackle her!

  3. Thanks for the great review!

    You totally busted me on the original 'inspiration' though, well remembered! I always loved Michael's miniature - he sculpted it, I painted the green and we entered it in the Open Category at Golden Demon one year. It didn't win - though it should have done as I was the judge!


  4. @ Grey_Death and Molotov - Go for it guys, it really is an amazing model! Some of the smoothest detailing I've seen in quite some time.

    @ Mike - It just sprang to mind immediately when I saw Kara and I had a hunch it might have been inspired by the Catachan. Your clearly too kind to overlook your own work! It was well deserving of a win, it still would be today!

  5. Digging it. Very much digging it.

    Wish there was a 54mm scale Castle Brother.

    *wink wink nudge nudge Mr. McVey*


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