Sunday 7 February 2010

The Vendetta (WIP 2)

A quick post this one, just to show that I have actually been working on some stuff lately!

I've been adding more to my Vespero figure lately and it's really beginning to take shape now. I know it looks a little scrappy in the pics but that's due to the figure having received a thin milliput wash.

Since the last pics I've been working mainly on the arms and sorting out the jerkin etc. The sleeves on the arms have been giving me some headaches determining what to do with them but it's getting there now.

More soon!


  1. Loving it Dante. Loving it.

    Are you considering maybe having the jerkin be studded leather or just standard cloth fare?
    (by the by--this is Kanluwen. You inspired me to actually start a blog of my own :P)

  2. He's looking really great so far. Love the arrogance of the pose, a really characterful mini! :)

  3. Looking really good so far, I like the addition of the kris dagger. The hands looks good and the folds in the cloth is perfect! Keep working at it mate, really inspiering stuff

    //Animerik "GsPirate"

  4. Great work, i'm gonna have to look up part one now.

  5. Really looking awesome, Dante. I'm impressed by the right arm - up until now, the majority of what I've seen from you has been "add-on" sculpting, but this model really makes me realise just how skilled you are.

    Any chance of you taking comissions some time?

  6. Thanks guys, your comments are much appreciated!

    @ Molotov - Actually working on a commission at the moment. I take some on occassionally though usually smaller projects so it doesn't eat into my own limited project time.

  7. Well, if you were so inclined I'd be more than willing to send some cash your way!

  8. Certainly could be tempted, feel free to shoot me a PM or email to discuss further.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous work on this one! The greenstuff is fantastic, and you really nailed the pose!


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